Lead your team to
Document Utopia.

Pagedip creates a brave new world for your documents. In this world, documents have only one, true version shared with secure URLs instead of attachments. Best of all, they look great on any screen without needing special tech or design knowledge.

Companies of all sizes use Pagedip.

To find calm in the chaos, businesses of all sizes use Pagedip to lead their teams to a brighter future for their documents.

Documents have it rough. Real rough.

Every day, millions of documents are created.

Every document is created with heart and soul. They are sent into the world to be read, critiqued, and collaborated with. It’s going to be great. It’s going to be perfect. Right?

Like clockwork, all heck breaks loose.

Your document has been edited twice already and most of your team is viewing an old attachment. No one can find the true version on the lawless file server you share. All of the formatting you worked so hard on has gone right out the window. Now Ted has just sent you a message saying the file is too big for him to open.

This is Document Chaos. We’ve all been there.

Pagedip: Welcome to Document Utopia.

Pagedip creates a brave new world for your documents.
Here is how we do it:

One, single source of truth.

Different versions of the same document are not different documents, so why are they treated as such? With Pagedip, you are always accessing the latest version of the document. Always. Need an older version? It’s just a click away.

Share securely with a URL, not an attachment.

Using email attachments are like driving with the emergency brake on - you’re only slowing yourself down. Pagedips can only be shared with a unique, secure URL. Say goodbye to attachments!

Beautiful, on-brand, and device-responsive

With Pagedip, making a document look great on any device is possible without fancy tech or an eye for design. Customized, branded templates that also feature Binks™. When clicked, a word that is Bink-enabled expands to reveal further content, making Pagedips appear shorter without losing important context.

Crazy dynamic. API-integrated.

Embed almost any kind of content in a Pagedip without breaking a sweat. Adding real-time Tableau dashboards? No problem. Embedding a bunch of YouTube videos? Easy. Viewing your Salesforce leads? Done.

Get your assets into gear.

You rely on their digital assets, which can become burdensome and plentiful. Images. Videos. Charts. It's endless. Pagedip’s Global Asset Library ensures your assets have only one source of truth. Less confusion, more ubiquity.

Pagedip eliminates Document Chaos.

No team is immune to Document Chaos. Smart teams use Pagedip
to lead them to Document Utopia.

Document Chaos

Storing key product info in a Word doc buried somewhere
in Sharepoint.
Using a separate Excel sheet to store financial information. Sending email blasts to everyone when the documentation changes.

Document Utopia with PageDip

 Keeping track of product information in one Pagedip that’s always up-to-date.  Pulling live financials from Excel and visualizing in Pagedip.  Grasping information at speed thanks to a more contextual narrative flow.

Document Chaos

Campaign information is scattered across tons of people and places. Hearts and souls are poured into documentation that is forgotten. Consumer-facing content is a one-way street, making it unclear if content is serving the needs of who is viewing it.

Document Utopia with PageDip

Embed key campaign assets such as videos, images, and websites directly into a Pagedip. Campaign information is easy to find, share, and remember. User feedback.

Document Chaos

Emailing written-in-stone PDF proposals and sales material as attachments. Referring prospects to outdated information. Sending new clients to training material that looks terrible on mobile devices.

Document Utopia with PageDip

Sharing dynamic proposals with a single, secure URL that tracks user behavior. Always up-to-date sales information for prospects. Fully responsive training material that works on any device.

Document Chaos

Sales team is inconsistent with product, pricing, and support messaging. Internal and external documentation gets mixed up. Product documentation updates go unnoticed.

Document Utopia with PageDip

Single source of truth for sales team documentation, including assets like presentations. Customizing a single Pagedip for external or internal audiences to ensure consistency. Product documentation updates aren’t necessary – Pagedips are always up-to-date.

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