PageDip is a better way to document and share business content & ideas.

Welcome to always-accurate, secure, gorgeous documents. No advanced design skills required. It’s pretty automagical.

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When Gdocs, Powerpoint, Word, and PDFs aren’t enough. Use PageDip.

Virtual Conference Presentations, Speaker Bios, Product Literacy Collateral, Board Documents, Investor Documents, Newsletters, Investor Deal Flow, EOS Trainers

Tell more stories, share better information.

One Source of Truth

One source of on-brand information. One place to update for you; one place to access the single source of truth for your audience.

A Brave New World

PageDip creates a brave new world for your documents. Documents have only one, true version shared with secure URLs instead of attachments. Best of all, they look great on any screen without needing special tech, developers, or designers. PageDip plays nice with the other platforms you’re already using. Mac, PC, G-suite, MS...they're all good.

These companies already use and trust PageDip

“I can’t even calculate how much time this saved our team when we launched our new product, when the value propositions and imagery were finally done, we just added it to the PageDip and our global trainers were immediately on the same page.”

- Executive Director Product Development

“It’s like a simple-to-produce, secure, mini-website instead of a boring slide deck and my team can push updates as often as necessary so the information is always right.”

- VP Sales

Every day, millions of documents are created, and they become dated almost as soon as you hit send...until now.

PageDips are always up-to-date and easy to access. PageDips gather usage & engagement data, are secure, and no one ever has to waste time searching for the latest version.

The easy-to-use web-based document creation platform creates a billboard for your brand, team, audience that’s easily accessed by a link. Now there are no giant files to transfer systems, no more dated information making its way into the public, no more wondering what content was absorbed and what wasn’t. Convey information, beautifully. All this, only with PageDip.

PageDip Eliminates Document Chaos

Here are some common examples of chaos you can avoid:

  • Sales team collateral is inconsistent with product, pricing, and support messaging.

  • Your email bounced because the file was over 10MB.

  • Someone forwards private information to their whole team, or worse, to your competitor.

  • Your “save as smaller file” PDF makes your gorgeous campaign imagery look awful.

  • Internal and external documentation gets mixed up.

  • Product documentation updates go unnoticed.

  • Storing key product info in a Word doc buried somewhere in Sharepoint.

  • Using a separate Excel sheet to store financial information.

  • Sending email blasts to everyone when the documentation changes.

Never again.

You don’t need to live in that chaotic reality anymore. PageDip is made for distributed workforces, WFH (work-from-home) teams, webinar support, and content sharing in 2020 and beyond.

Want to see one? We’d love to show you PageDip.

Send us your document, and we’ll "PageDip it" for free. No strings. Drop your file here, and we’ll show you a sample of your document as a PageDip within two business days.

We will never share or sell your information.