Pagedip is the modern
Publishing Platform
. One-step publishing for humans.

Import from Anywhere

Pagedips can be created from EPUBs, MS Word files, Google Docs, Markdown, HTML, PDFs and more. This is the same powerful conversion engine used in other Beneath the Ink products.

One-click Web Publishing

Pagedips are meant to be shared! Every Pagedip lives at a unique, customizable web address that can be accessed by anyone with a browser.


Determine the reach and engagement of your Pagedips with our simple analytics system. We keep detailed metrics on user traffic and activity so you can easily measure performance.


Let your readers dive Beneath the Ink with our exclusive Bink technology. Binks allow you to add a layer of depth and interactivity in your content with a single click, and they are available exclusively through Pagedip.

Pagedip is still in development.

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