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How Our Clients Use Pagedip to Up Their Game:

A $160B SaaS company uses Pagedip to align sales and marketing using 150 sales playbooks as interactive and measurable documents that are always up to date, mobile friendly, and "just plain better for everyone" according to our client. "Pagedip solved the sales plays complexity problem, the update problem, the distribution problem, the searchability problem, the brand continuity problem, the messaging consistency problem, and most importantly it added measurability where it didn't even exist before." See the sales playbook use case here.

Pagedip works seamlessly with any CRM, CMS, DAM, and just about any other 3 letter acronym you are familiar with!

Easily Create Measurable Sales Documents

Pagedip shows you what's working and what's not.

Pagedip[2]is a single app that allows teams to efficiently create content, share it internally or externally, privately or publicly, and measure every user interaction, informing future decisions with precision. PDF's can't do that. Slides can't do that. Web analytics only scratch the surface with views & clicks, which can be blocked and are not GDPR compliant.

Today it's not enough to be analytics-driven. Data and analytics are now vital to business strategy, adding significant value to digital transformation initiatives. Data-centric is the future and Pagedip delivers unprecedented insights from your content so you can connect outcomes to sales enablement and so much more.

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A Pagedip is a digital document that lives on the web. It's simple to create, beautiful to behold, and secure so you can share proprietary content with confidence. Best of all it's responsive so it looks great no matter the device type or screen size your readers prefer.

Transform Uncertainty Into Opportunity

You can't afford not to be "analytics-centric." Let data help you improve outcomes.

Today it's not enough to be analytics-driven. Data and analytics are now vital to business strategy, adding significant value to digital transformation initiatives. Transform uncertainty into opportunity by using content data and analytics as powerful tools to drive innovation and manage change effectively.

Pagedip's analytics provide granular user behavior measurement so you can know what helps sales move customers through the funnel to contract minimizing variables and costs in the sales process.

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Connect Enablement to Revenue

How engagement improves revenue outcomes and enablement makes sales teams happy.

Enterprise companies spend billions on sales enablment and automation tools yet those same tools utilize out dated content formats like PDFs and Slides, and these investments depend on analytics that are no longer adequate.

Replacing these tools that have been used since the early 1990s with modern, interactive, mobile-first, measurable content is what is required to engage and understand today's teams.

Because Pagedip collects data about every reader activity, you can focus genuinely relevant content that provides value to your sales teams at each stage of their process. What’s more, you can finally use actual data to understand the health of your funnel. You can analyze and optimize the effectiveness of each content interaction. And you can forecast based on the content effectiveness and velocity of the leads in your revenue funnel.

Image Source: CEB/Gartner: Forrester: Improving Lead Management

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What Customers Say About Pagedip

"Now we know which content works and which doesn't."

-Fortune 100 Company, Director of Product Marketing

"Pagedip's analytics made our sales documents smarter so we close deals faster."

-Fortune 100 Company, VP of Sales

"Pagedip tells us what we always wanted to know about our readers."

-Fortune 500 Company, Marketing Director

"Pagedip settled the content performance argument with data."

-Fortune 100 Company, VP of Product Marketing

"The beauty of Pagedip is that it affords our clients the opportunity to consolidate their complex content from multiple sources into an easily accessible DIGITAL format."

-US Veterans Administration, Executive Retired

"Pagedip's ability to tell an exciting story, keep our customers engaged and on the page, and know exactly what is resonating hits all of our major needs."

-Spectra Logic, VP Corporate Marketing

You Can't Afford to Ignore Communication Waste.

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