Works like a website, acts like a document.


Almost everything has been rethought for the digital age. We’ve left one thing in the past: the document. Documents remain page-based objects with inadequate version controls and display compatibility.

Introducing Pagedip - Works like a website, acts like a document.


✔️ Web-Based
✔️ Responsive
✔️ Interactive
✔️ Embed Rich Content
✔️ Always up-to-date


✔️ Knowledge container
✔️ Narrative-focused
✔️ Text-centric
✔️ Easy-to-make
✔️ Private or Public

Key Features


Composing + Editing

Create Pagedips easily using our drag-and-drop, cloud based authoring tool. Our editor lets you create and update your Pagedips in real-time. This means that when you view a Pagedip, it is always the latest version.

Binks + Embedding Innovative Content

When clicked, our expandable Binks reveal additional content. This enables more exploration and learning. Also, any type of web content is embeddable within a Pagedip – including formats like 360 ̊ video.

Sharing + Viewing + Analytics

After publishing a Pagedip, you can set it to private or public. Pagedips look great on all devices. We also offer analytics so you can learn how users are viewing your Pagedips.

Templates + The Global Media Drawer™

Branded templates ensure you are able to make great looking Pagedips that reflect your content style. Our Global Media Drawer™ enables you to change an asset once, and have it immediately updated everywhere.

Use Cases


From a big box of paper to Pagedips. A global management consulting firm's flagship product was comprised of a massive box of printed materials. After signing up, they converted this content over to beautiful and interactive Pagedips. The value of the product increased when the Pagedips made navigating and exploring the material much easier and media rich.

From twenty email attachments to one Pagedip. One of our customers was sending proposals out to prospects as lengthy emails that contained over 20 attachments. Their prospect would then have to sift through the attachments to decipher everything on their own. Today, the client has converted their proposals to useful Pagedips allowing them to send a short email with one easy link.